EXCLUSIVE: Gaetano Scirea Was The True Gentleman - Antonio Cabrini

One Juventus great remembers another as Antonio Cabrini pays tribute to the legendary Gaetano Scirea...
Gaetano Scirea became a Juventus legend, and Thursday marks the 20th anniversary of his death. Goal.com caught up with former team-mate Antonio Cabrini for an exclusive insight into the career of one of Juve's best-loved heroes.

Cabrini played alongside Scirea in Turin and both men won major honours together.

The partnership they forged in the Juve backline was one of the most feared. The Italian told Goal.com of his time together with Scirea in an emotional interview.

"Gaetano is still in my heart," Cabrini told Goal.com.

"I will not talk about Scirea the player as everyone knows him, and the great class he had.

"I want to remember Scirea the man. An excellent person. I have never met a person with the humanity that Scirea had."

Cabrini, who played for Juventus between 1976 and 1989, making 297 appearances, went further as he paid a great tribute to his former team-mate.

"Men like Scirea no longer exist. He was always ready to give you a hand, not only on the pitch," added Cabrini.

Scirea had the reputation of being the perfect gentleman on the pitch. One who never got angry. But Cabrini has revealed there were times when the Italian lost his temper.

"It's not true that he would never get angry. He made himself heard on the pitch, just that he was never exaggerated like the others. He used to tell people what was needed, but with more tranquility. He was a true gentleman in every way," enthused the former Juve man.

"Gaetano was a true friend."

Fabrizio Ponciroli, Goal.com