Buffon: I Could Have Gone To Milan

Juventus and Italy first-choice goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has revealed that he had the opportunity to go to rivals Milan in 2006.
Gianluigi Buffon is a symbol of the Bianconeri, and a stalwart at the club who remained faithful to the Turin giants even in the most difficult moment, which followed the revelation that Juventus had benefited from match-fixing and a football corruption scandal.

The truth is that the loyal servant of the Old Lady almost left his spot at the club to join the Rossoneri of Milan. “I am very close to Juventus. I decided to stay after we were relegated and I felt that I was part of a project,” said one of the world's best keepers.

Buffon continued, “Apart from Genoa, I could never play for another Italian team. After the 2006 World Cup I was very close to leaving for Milan, but I felt that it would not be right to leave. If Juventus had stayed in Serie A, maybe things would be different because at the time I was not happy with certain things.”

The Azzurri number one concluded by mentioning his opinion on a transfer beyond the Italian border. “Right now it is not on the cards, but if an offer of 50 million was put on the table I would be the first to tell the club to sell me, because a sum like that could be used to strengthen the squad.”

Peter Pedroncelli