Carlos Bacca's mother: I would've hit Neymar with my shoe

Eloisa Ahumada was outraged by the Brazilian's behaviour and confirmed she gave her son a good telling off for his part in the fracas

The mother of Colombia striker Carlos Bacca has slammed Brazil captain Neymar for his behaviour after her son's side beat Brazil 1-0 on Wednesday, insisting she would have hit the Barcelona star with one of her high heels.

Neymar was handed a red card and subsequent four-match suspension after sparking ugly scenes at the end Wednesday's Copa America clash in Santiago, first firing the ball at Pablo Armero before aiming a head-butt at Jeison Murillo.

Bacca was also dismissed after confronting and shoving Neymar but the Sevilla forward's mother says the Brazilian deserved everything he got.

"If I'd been in the stadium I would have taken off my high heel and hit Neymar. I know many women in the stadium would have joined me," Eloisa Ahumada, told El Heraldo.

"I felt anger and helplessness, as I wanted to be there to push [my son] away so they couldn't hit him because it could have been serious."

Bacca has been handed a two-match suspension from Conmebol for his role in the fracas and Ms Ahumada went on to condemn her son's behaviour, saying she taught him better.

"I was really annoyed because I've never seen this attitude of Carlos in the game before," she said. 

"I sent him a message telling him off because he didn't need to react that way."