Racing Club's Moreno threatened with firearm outside training ground

Violent supporters the Guardia Imperial accused the player of stealing from the club and told him to leave as soon as possible, or they would end his career
Racing Club's Colombian star Giovanni Moreno was put through a terrifying ordeal on leaving a training session, as a member of the controversial barra brava held a gun to his leg and threatened to end his career if he did not leave immediately.

The playmaker, 25, has not spoken to the press since the incident on Tuesday evening, and turned up to practice as normal the following day, albeit with far more security as the club reacted to the incident.

Teammate Federico Santander, who was travelling with Gio at the time, did give details of the encounter while admitting that he feared for the player's life.

"This guy told us 'I'm the boss of Racing's barra'. He started shouting at Gio and when he responded, that is when the mess started. First he was alone and then he called two more," the Paraguayan told La Red, describing how their car was intercepted by the hooligans as they returned home.

"They rested a gun on Gio's leg. The guy said that he admired him a lot but that he is robbing here, and they do not want him to stay. They told him to stop stealing [from the club]. It lasted around 40 minutes, in the middle of the road.

"Three got out of the car, but I'm sure there were more. One spoke well to us but the guy who had the gun did not. I thought the worst was going to happen at that moment, I thought that he was going to put a bullet in him."

The Racing board of directors have unequivocally denounced Tuesday's events, stating that the player enjoys the club's unconditional support, while confirming that security would be reinforced in and around the stadium and training complex.

La Academia currently lie 16th in the Clausura, having lost their last two games.