Argentina FA president Julio Grondona: I've had more accusations against me than Al Capone

Having once more fought off charges of corruption, the veteran leader admitted he revelled in the insults from critics and said he would continue at the head of Argentine football
Argentina FA (AFA) president Julio Grondona has compared himself to prohibition-era gangster Al Capone, after seeing fraud and corruption charges against him collapse.

The 80-year-old head of Argentine football spoke on Tuesday after being cleared of accusations brought against him by Paraguayan businessman Carlos Avila. The entrepreneur alleged that 'Don Julio' was involved in fraudulent dealings related to money coming from football, but the overseeing judge dismissed all charges.

And the veteran administrator chose an unusual figure from history with whom to compare himself as he celebrated the end of his latest legal battle.

"In my 32 years at the AFA I have had more accusations against me than Al Capone and I have never been punished for any of the charges," Grondona told Radio Cooperativa.

"We should not pay attention to these people who fall on top of you like a parachute jumper. It would worry me more if they spoke well of me. I want them to speak badly of me, we have to make a future where none of these chancers can get a job which they do not deserve."

Grondona was re-elected in October for yet another term in the AFA presidency, a post he has held since 1979. The chief affirmed that he had every intention of continuing at the head of the Association.

"I intend to carry my mandate forward," he insisted, before admitting that he would aim to adopt a more conciliatory presidency than in previous years.

"[I want] a Fifa style administration, where we have commissions to decide practically everything and the new boys can start becoming familiar with the different issues and be aware of everything."

Grondona was previously president of Independiente before taking over the AFA job, and is also the senior vice-president of Fifa.