Julio Grondona accused of fraud on eve of Argentina FA elections

A day before the long-time AFA president is expected to secure a new term, an investigative television show has accused the chief of fraudulent activity and money-laundering
Julio Grondona's expected re-election for another four years as president of the Argentine FA has taken an unexpected blow, as a hidden camera investigation has accused the chief of fraudulent administration on the eve of a new vote.

Grondona is running unopposed in the elections scheduled for Tuesday evening, after Velez Sarsfield president, and strong critic of the current regime, Fernando Raffaini failed to pick up the seven supporters amongst the board members necessary to add his name to the ballot.

Having been in power since 1979, confirmation of Grondona's re-election would mean his tenure would continue until at least 2015.

But an investigation televised on Monday evening by America has cast doubt on the president's integrity. In the programme, Grondona mentions "black money" and appears to make threats against a journalist who questioned his control of the AFA. The recordings form part of an ongoing judicial inquiry into the president's alleged financial malpractices.

Other sources alluded to off-shore bank accounts which, according to prosecuting attorney Mariano Cuneo Libarona, hold a total of $30 million. He called on the Argentine Justice Department to "determine where this money comes from, if it is the product of money laundering, if it has been declared or if we are witnessing a tax evasion scheme."

Grondona's lawyer, Francisco Castex, has denied all the allegations, calling the show a "big lie". Talking in a press conference on Tuesday morning, Castex pointed to the fact that America is owned by long-time opponent, Daniel Vila, and denounced the investigations as little more than a personal vendetta.