Police raid River Plate & Argentina FA offices amid fraud allegations - report

Buenos Aires authorities are investigating both entities after it was alleged that River were involved in money laundering income from player transfers
The offices of River Plate and the Argentina Football Association (AFA) were ordered by a judge to be raided and searched as part of an investigation into alleged fraud and money laundering in the two institutions.

Ole reports that Judge Bonadio ordered the investigations following a complaint from lawyer Alejandro Sanchez Kalbermatten, who denounced widespread financial misdeeds by River.

The offices of current president Daniel Passarella, ex-chief Jose Maria Aguilar and former director Mario Israel were all searched during the raids, while AFA headquarters in Viamonte street was also targeted by the anti-fraud unit of the Buenos Aires police on Tuesday morning.

Kalbermatten had accused the club of fraud following the historic relegation to the Nacional B in June, while complaining that they were able to operate without fear of being punished.

"Everybody knows that River went down and that the club were emptied, but nobody took them to court," the lawyer had previously fired as he presented the complaint.

The individual accuses the institution of money laundering, above all during transfers of players and stated that the lack of auditing in club accounts made such mismanagement possible following relegation.