River Plate Coach Angel Cappa Laughs Off Criticism After Slim Victory Over Arsenal De Sarandi

Cappa defended his team's performance on Sunday against a difficult to beat Arsenal side...
River Plate coach Angel Cappa brushed off suggestions from the press that his team are playing poorly, pointing to the 'Millonario's' excellent early form as proof that River are heading in the right direction.

River beat Arsenal de Sarandi 1-0 yesterday at home thanks to a goal from 19-year-old Rogelio Funes Mori. Although well-received by local fans, certain sectors of the press accused the team of lacking skill and shine.

In response, 'Angelito' wrote on his blog that he could not take such criticisms while keeping a straight face.

"It makes me laugh when I hear or read that River did well to beat a complicated and labyrinthine rival such as Arsenal, but they did not shine," the ex-Huracan tecnico and inventor of the 'Tiki-Tiki' asserted on Monday afternoon.

"It is saying that, besides fairly beating against a team that was in first, creating seven or eight chances against one that [Juan Pablo] Carrizo saved and maybe one other, you have to have shined.

This is a standard that only applies to River because I have seen games where both teams don't put three passes together, where everything is fight, tackling, running, hitting without any other idea- and the journalistic judgement is that they were solid and hard to beat," the exasperated coach added, in a blog which has gained cult status in Argentina for its frank opinions and tactical gems passed to the fans.

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