Matias Almeyda Looks Beyond Final River Plate Season

The 36-year-old is likely to retire in January 2011 and has set his eyes on boss Angel Cappa's seat on the Millonario bench...
River Plate legend Matias Almeyda claimed today that he dreams of taking over on the Millionario bench, but only after three years of success inspired by current coach Angel Cappa.

Almeyda, 36, started his career at the Monumental and through a long and distinguished career passed through Lazio, Inter, Sevilla and Parma in Europe. The defensive midfielder then came out of retirement a year ago to rejoin his boyhood heroes and is now regarded as a cornerstone of the struggling side.

And even though the ex-Argentina player is due to retire in January, he does not see a long break from football on the cards.

"I am convinced I am going to be a coach; if God wishes it I'm going to have to grab something in January. I think Cappa's arrival is going to be great for me and my future - he is a maestro. Every day I take note of what he is doing. It is the football that I like and which I want to develop myself," Almeyda told Ole in Monday's interview.

The veteran also spoke of his desire to coach River, although he clarified that he wants Cappa to have as long as he needs to make the club great once more, after a couple of tough seasons for the giants.

"Angel has to be there five years... wait no, better that it is three and then I'm coming! If not, he is going to be like [Sir Alex] Ferguson, who has been with Manchester [United] for 20 years. Seriously, I hope Angel stays as long as he can and that he wins everything that he deserves.

"I am sure that he is coming back to the origins and heritage of River, which all of us fans love."

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