Argentina Coach Diego Maradona's Website Hacked

El Diego the victim of another hacker…
Argentina coach Diego Maradona has had his personal website hacked, again.

This time, a plucky hacker placed a less than complimentary caricature
of El Diego on the front-page with accompanied by the words “Que rica coca, mierda" (That rich coca shit).

The rest of the site was not affected and the page has now been returned to its original state.

This is not the first time Maradona has fallen victim to internet hackers as his site was hacked twice last year.

The first time saw a picture of his head placed on top of a Brazil shirt with the words “a picture paints a thousand words”.

The second time, in October last year, a hacker calling himself 'Elite-Peruvian' placed a number of images of the former World Cup winner crying accompanied by pictures of the Peruvian national team and the words “we made you cry”.