Diego Buonanotte Suffers Car Accident

The River Plate striker narrowly escaped death.....

River Plate striker Diego Buonanotte was involved in a severe car accident while heading towards Teodelina village in his father's vehicle. He was travelling with three close friends, all of whom died because of the crash. Buonanotte himself has been hospitalised.

The accident occurred on Route 65 in Santa Fe Province when the 21-year-old was heading towards the Teodelina village, where he hails from. Buonanotte and his friends were supposedly returning from the neighbouring town of Arribenos.

It's been reported that the car, a Peugeot 307, hit a tree along the route around 6:45am amidst a heavy downpour. Authorities have also reportedly said that the car could have taken a slide against a small hill beside the road and then hit a huge tree. Buonanotte's three friends, identified by the local police as Gerardo Sune, Alexis Fulcheri and Emanuel Melo according to the government news agency Telam, died shortly afterwards.

However, Buonanotte was conscious when rescuers reached the scene of the accident. He told them, "I simply lost control of the car and hit a tree."

Buonanotte, who featured in the 2008 Olympics for the Argentine national football team, has been hospitalised at the San Martin de Venado Tuerto clinic. He is currently in the Intensive Care department.

Initial reports suggest that the River Plate striker has suffered a broken humerus, collar bone, a pulmonary contusion as well multiple injuries. Authorities are now trying to find out whether there was any other vehicle involved in the accident.

Subhankar Mondal, Goal.com