Fabian Monzon Reveals Shocking Boca Juniors Salary

The defender returned to Argentina after a loan spell with Real Betis with a big surprise: remarkably low wages.
Having played for Real Betis of Spain last season, Fabian Monzon returned to Argentine heavyweights Boca Juniors with the news that he will receive a rather surprisingly low salary.

The player revealed that Boca won't increase his monthly salary of a mere €376, and that he won't hold a grudge and will remain at the club.

Meanwhile, Monzon's Boca team-mates, Rodrigo Palacio and Martin Palacio, earn close to €1,000,000 a year.

Monzon, 22, signed a five-year deal with Boca before moving to Spain last season, and the player has been told that Boca won't modify his contract.

He said, "The contract can't be changed, because before going to Betis I signed a contract for five years, and I have to respect it. I earn 2,000 pesos [€376], and from what has been spoken, they don't want to increase it, not even a little bit. But I will still stay at Boca."

The Beijing Olympic gold medalist went on to say that he even rejected a big-money transfer to a Ukrainian club where he would have earned over €430,000.

Monzon said, "They offered me $500,000 for the first year, and more would come the following year. When I told them no, they asked me: for how much money would you come here? The truth is they wanted to kill me. But I wanted to stay in Argentina, and I want to be champions with Boca."

According to the player, he has met with Carlos Bianchi in the hope of possibly improving his contract.

"It is a low wage, it is lower that what the youth players gets. It bothers me a bit, because I'm not asking for $600,000, but an amount that corresponds to what a Boca player should receive. I want to stay at Boca even with these wages, even if they don't want to try to improve it," he said.

"I know that Bianchi understands me, but he tells me that for now he can't do anything. Perhaps if I earn myself a place, he can do something. I don't want to take anything away from [Juan] Krupoviesa or Morel [Rodriguez], who are great guys, and with lots of experience in the position, but I will try to improve things for me and my family."

Boca Juniors find themselves in serious financial trouble, due to overspending and a lack of revenue. They have already offloaded a couple of their key players in an attempt to increase cash flow.

One player who will earn less than Monzon next year, however, will be former Argentine international Juan Roman Riquelme, who has agreed to play his third and final year at Boca at no charge. But the superstar playmaker has received incredibly high wages (for Argentine standards) for the past two years.

Gregory Sica, Goal.com