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Flamengo Star Adriano: My Life Without Alcohol

Flamengo striker Adriano has bared his soul in an interview with magazine R7 and says he now feels reborn, after the dark period he went though while at Italian giants Inter.

“After my father died, I fell into depression which I was only able to cure through alcohol,” he revealed.

“I was only happy when I was drinking and I couldn’t stop. I went out every night and used to drink whatever was set in front of me: wine, whisky, beer… a lot of beer.

“People think I was mad to forgo that lavish contract I had, but the truth is money is not enough to surrogate family affections. I gave up a lot of millions, but I found happiness.”

The 27-year-old rescinded his contract with Inter by mutual consent last April after a troubled eight-year spell with the Beneamata and returned to his homeland to play for Flamengo.

“I used to show up drunk every day [at Inter],” he continued.

“I didn’t sleep out of fear I would be late, but in the end I showed up in dire conditions anyway and they would send me to sleep, while they told journalists I had a muscle problem.

“I could not stop drinking and the situation became unbearable until I fell out with [Roberto] Mancini and had to leave Inter.”

‘Adri’ had a six-month stint at Sao Paulo in 2008 to reignite his career, but he says it was to no avail.

“I thought I had got over my problems, but I resumed drinking,” he sighed.

“I went back [to Inter] because of [Jose] Mourinho, but it was not enough. It was once again parties, women and alcohol… The club was not disposed to accept this situation and gave up trying to rescue me.

“I am sorry for Mourinho, who even bickered with a few directors hoping to convince them to keep hold of me,” concluded the striker.

Vince Masiello,