Adriano: Flamengo Will Help Me Return To Brazil

During his official presentation as a Mengao player, the striker affirmed that his chances of representing the Selecao again are high...
Adriano was finally presented at Flamengo on Thursday, after a controversial exit from Inter, and stated that he was happy to have returned to the club.

"I began at Flamengo when I was 7 years old. Today I put on the shirt and it felt as if I were 7 again. The feeling is amazing," affirmed Adriano.

"To wear this shirt allows me to play football with happiness again. I never thought about retiring. All I needed was some time to reflect and to be with my family."

Adriano, 27, believes that playing for the Rio de Janeiro giants could help him return to the Brazilian national team, "but this depends on my performances, and the results".

Finally, Adriano spoke about his reason for leaving Inter and European football.

"I left Inter because I didn't feel happy in Italy, but not because I didn't feel happy inside of the team," said the former Parma star.

"Inter are an exceptional club. But I decided on another option. I never did this to take advantage of the situation. I didn't do this to be a free player."

Adriano is keen to return to action as soon as possible, but Flamengo have yet to announce when he will make his official debut.

Gregory Sica,