Seedorf Blames Van Basten For Exit

Clarence Seedorf has blasted Holland Coach Marco Van Basten, saying that his lack of trust was the reason for him pulling out of Euro 2008.
Seedorf shocked the footballing community yesterday when it was announced that he had pulled out of the Holland squad for Euro 2008.

The Milan star, who was left in the international wilderness by Van Basten from 2004 to 2006, has now expanded on his reasons for withdrawing.

"I am 32-years-old and perhaps this would have been the last European Championships for me,” Seedorf told the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“It was a dream to be with the Netherlands, and already I had a dream taken away from me at the World Cup in Germany. I couldn’t have done anything else – otherwise I would have gone against my integrity."

Seedorf has left everyone in no doubt as to who he believes pushed him into this decision.

"Why did Van Basten have preconceptions about me that influenced the way he valued me as a player?,” he roared.   “Once he called me a ‘Hollywood star’.

“It is too late [to change my mind now]. I wish Holland all the best, but it is better that Van Basten takes to Switzerland players who he trusts.

“I am ready to give my contribution if the new coach wants me for the World Cup qualifiers.

“I think only about Milan now, I must concentrate on this last match. I hope that we can still arrive in the Champions League.”

Roberto Rossi