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'Disgrace!' - British fans outraged by FIFA's £35,000 poppy fine

Football fans across the United Kingdom are in outrage following the news that England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have been fined for 'displaying political symbols' during World Cup qualifiers on Remembrance Day.

Black armbands featuring poppies were worn by both sides at England took on Scotland at Wembley in November, while Northern Ireland donned black armbands to commemorate Armistice Day.

Wales' team avoided wearing any symbols on the pitch, but were still fined due to fans in the stand wearing poppies.

Naturally, people are not happy.

Questions are also being asked over the severity of the fine compared to other, more serious misconducts.

While others are slamming the nerve of a historically corrupt governing body.

Elsewhere, people are defiant and happy to fork out the fee.

And someone has a plan to shove it to the man.