Referee Gozubuyuk calls for in-game video replays after Ajax blunders

The Dutch official feels the time is right to introduce live video assistance during matches after he made two incorrect penalty calls in Friday evening's Eredivisie clash
Dutch referee Serdar Gozubuyuk has called for the introduction of in-game video replays after missing a number of crucial incidents in the 1-1 Eredivisie draw between Ajax and Heerenveen on Friday evening.

The Amsterdam giants felt they should have been awarded a spot kick after Ramon Zomer handled the ball early in the first half, while they also called for a penalty after a foul on Christian Eriksen just inside the area.

Gozubuyuk failed to spot Zomer's handball, while he awarded Ajax a free kick for the foul on Eriksen rather than a penalty, and he believes video technology could have prevented the errors on the night.

"This seems pretty clear. I cannot see the incident properly because I'm looking at [Lasse] Schone's back," Gozubuyuk told Eredivisie Live after reviewing Zomer's handball.

"If it's up to me we would introduce video technology as soon as possible. That will prevent this kind of situation where I have to explain decisions that I could not see properly.

"We are all ready for the introduction of video technology. It's starting to become annoying to be criticised for decisions we have to take in a split second. Everybody else gets the chance to see an incident five or six times before judging."

Fifa will be using goal-line technology at this summer's Confederations Cup while the Premier League have signed a deal to implement Hawk-Eye systems, but the use of video replays during matches is unlikely to be introduced in the near future.