Dutch Eerstedivisie Side Haarlem To Be Declared Bankrupt

One of the oldest Dutch professional football clubs has ceased to exist in its current form...
After a long-running soap opera played out over many months, the KNVB (Dutch FA) has been forced to take the step of removing Haarlem from the Eerstedivisie.

The club had been playing under the cloud of serious financial troubles of late and will most likely be declared bankrupt later this week after curator Rocco Mulder filed for banktrupcy on Monday.

All points gained by teams against Haarlem are now removed and the league will become a 19-team competition. The entire staff has been made redundant and the players are now free to seek alternative employment at other clubs.

Haarlem were founded in 1889 and were the first team to win the league title after World War II. The club also won the Dutch cup twice.

Players such as Ruud Gullit, Stanley Menzo, John Metgod, Arthur Numan, Piet Keur and Johnny Rep all wore the shirt of the Roodbroeken at some point during their impressive careers.