Rangers want place in English football, insists Green

The Ibrox chief has long claimed that the Gers would not accept restructuring to the Scottish game, and points to the example of Welsh clubs currently in the Football League
Rangers chief executive Charles Green has revealed the Ibrox club are working to become a member of the English Football League.

The Gers' newco club have featured in the Scottish Third Division this season, and the ownership have been critical of plans to restructure Scottish Football, which have recently been approved.

Green made the point that Welsh clubs are currently allowed into the English game and believes any move to block Rangers' transition south of the border would be illegal.

"I would be delighted to be the chief executive of Rangers that took them into the English league," Green told reporters.

"We are going to pursue it. We've sought legal advice. I've had enough indications that Scottish football don't like us and don't want Rangers, so I look at other options.

"I have taken legal counsel, because let's be clear: it is a breach of European competition law to deny Scottish clubs, not just Rangers, the right to play in England. That is against European law.

"I don't believe that the authorities would stand back and try to ignore that position.

"You just try and explain to me why a Welsh club can play in the English league but a Scottish club can't."