Germany Great Franz Beckenbauer Proposes Winter World Cup For Qatar 2022

Kaiser concerned about soaring summer temperatures
Franz Beckenbauer has confessed that he would like to see World Cup 2022, which has been awarded to Qatar, staged in January and February.

Concerns have been raised from several quarters about the intense summer heat of the Arab state, and the former Bayern Munich and Germany star has echoed those suggesting that one way around the problem would be to play the competition in the winter.

“We should think about a solution in January and February. There will be pleasant temperatures around 25°C,” the member of Fifa’s executive committee explained to Bild on Saturday morning. “Why would it not be? The calendars of the major European leagues should be changed in 2022. It would not have too great an impact and would represent an alternative to the enormous expense of providing cool spaces and stadiums for fans.”

Beckenbauer also expressed his surprise that Australia was eliminated in the first round of bidding for the competition, a sentiment he echoed with regard to England’s bid for the 2018 World Cup, which was ultimately handed to Russia.

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