'They'll be wearing it in Manchester!' - Ibrahimovic launches clothing line

The Swedish striker dropped the M-word in jest during the launch of his new brand, but refused to take the bait when quizzed about his future in football

While football fans the world over speculate on Zlatan Ibrahimovic's new club, the striker's mind is on other things - namely his new clothing line A-Z.

The Swede spoke in Paris on Tuesday, revealing to his fans the new brand and issuing a statement of intent.

"It's like a dream. People will wear it in Manchester, yes!" the 34-year-old joked.

"I find it very cool: A-Z. You begin at A and bring it all the way to Z.

"I don't need money. I came from the poor. I know how it is to be poor. I'm on the side where you have money also, so I know how it is to come from both sides.

"I'm coming with my own brand. I don't know how many people get the opportunity, but I got it and I took it."