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VIDEO: Disgraceful Liverpool Fan Chants 'Munich' During Manchester United Loss

At any time of year Manchester United would rightly get upset with taunts of "Munich, Munich" from opposing supporters. But so close to the February 6th memorial day, and with the taunters being Liverpool fans, those following the Red Devils will have been particularly sensitive to a clip caught during Sunday's FA Cup third round match.

Midway through the second half the cameras panned to the Scouse supporters to see how they were reacting to being 1-0 down and a man down to United. The scene which viewers were shown verged on poisonous as the lens singled out one venom-spitting Liverpool supporter shouting "Munich, Munich," along with other cusses, towards the home crowd.

Obviously fans across the club divide often sing sick songs at one another. Manchester United fans are not immune to that either. But the sight of this Liverpool fan happily using the worst tragedy in United's history against them was deplorable.

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