VIDEO: Calamity Keeper Khaled Askri (FAR Rabat) Suffers Another Embarrassment Before Subbing Himself

Is the Moroccan keeper cursed?
A couple of weeks back we brought you footage of arguably the most mental penalty ever scored.

The footage came from the Moroccan cup match between FAR Rabat and MAS Fes and became one of the biggest viral videos of the year. A 1-1 draw between the two sides saw the game head to the dreaded penalty kicks, where Khalid Askri achieved worldwide notoriety for one of the worst goalkeeper blunders you will ever see. (Watch here.)

Well, he's now gone and done it again.

Playing against KAC Kenitra on Saturday in the Moroccan league, the FAR keeper made a shocking error on the edge of his box. Instead of catching a chested pass back from his centre-half Askri opted to try to take on KAC centre-forward Hicham El Aroui.

Obviously it all went terribly wrong and El Aroui managed to tackle Askri and score what turned out to be the only goal of the contest.

Down in the dumps, Askri then reacted badly to his own error. He immediately ripped off his jersey, headed for the tunnel and decided to sub himself as he clearly couldn't deal with continuing in the limelight anymore.

Khaled Askri's second horror FAIL of the season can be seen below: