VIDEO: Will Steven Gerrard Take Revenge On Alexander Frei For Euro 2004 Spitting Incident?

Only shown on Swiss TV, this spitting incident was missed by many England fans as the Three Lions won 3-0 at Euro 2004.

Predictably, much of the pre-match hype surrounding the Euro 2012 qualifier between Switzerland and England this evening has centred on Wayne Rooney and his off-the-field activities.

There could though be an interesting showdown should Steven Gerrard come close to Swiss striker Alexander Frei in Basel.

England's 3-0 win over Switzerland at Euro 2004 saw the Three Lions secure a comfortable three points and Wayne Rooney claim a brace.

It wasn't such a happy occasion for Alexander Frei who had a verbal encounter with the Liverpool midfielder and then spat at Gerrard - with the offence only caught by Swiss TV.

Frei was suspended for three games and Gerrard (who scored England's third) said at the time, "I was furious. Spitting is degrading. I would rather be butted than spat at."

Yesterday the England and Liverpool captain was a bit more forgiving, "At the time, I was ­obviously upset with what he did. But it’s six years ago, I don’t hold grudges and he’s apologised since, so we move on. You get heavily punished for spitting. So I suppose it is rare nowadays. Hopefully we won’t see it again.”

More than likely Frei will be eager to avoid a confrontation, with the spitting incident a low-point of his career where he has been Switzerland's highest ever goal scorer.

The FC Basel striker was called a 'Llama' by the Swiss press and then adopted two llamas at Basel zoo.

Footage of Alexander Frei spitting on Steven Gerrard at Euro 2004 is on the video below.

All the goals from England 3-0 Switzerland at Euro 2004.