VIDEO: Harassed Cristiano Ronaldo Tells UK Journalist "Someday, Someone's Gonna Kill You!"

Cristiano Ronaldo gets into a bitter verbal exchange with a hack.
Love him or hate him, Cristiano Ronaldo certainly knows how to keep himself in the full glare of the media.

It's been a trying week for the Real Madrid star as he holidayed in New York following his poor World Cup, after news broke that he'd fathered a secret child and news and pictures also broke of C-Ron's latest love interest, Irina Shayk.

With so much tabloid interest in the latest Ronaldo developments, one British journalist got a little too close to the world's most expensive footballer as the pair got into a war of words which was captured on film.

Badgering Ronaldo over whether he'd "come forward and release the mother's name" of his child, soon Ronaldo snapped back as he was waiting to catch a lift. The 25-year-old fired back "Someday, someone's gonna kill you! Be careful."

The hack was quick to respond though, countering with the line "Someone's probably gonna break your legs in a nasty tackle! Could be Rooney. You never know!"

The footage, caught in a Spanish report on Ronaldo, can be seen below: