Goal.com Special: Betting Expert Pete Nordsted To Answer Your Questions

The co-author is here to help readers become better punters...
Fresh from getting all his predictions right over the weekend betting expert and Goal.com contributor Pete Nordsted is taking your questions for our second Q&A session.

The co-author of The Premier Football Betting Handbook 2010-11 is a full-time sports trader who specialises in analysing markets to identify opportunities which turn a profit. He correctly predicted three draws over the weekend in the Birmingham - Liverpool, Everton - Manchester United and Wigan - Sunderland games.

Mr Nordsted has been a regular contributor to Goal.com's weekly series 'Five Bets To Follow' where his tactic is to pick three draws. Punters only need one draw in three to come off to earn a profit and so far the author hasn't failed yet!

Perhaps you want to know how the full-time trader identifies his picks or how he got involved in the industry. Leave Pete a comment below or email your questions to betting@goal.com and we will pass the best ones on to him.

"I look forward to doing the Q and A. I am always willing to do anything that extends the boundaries and takes this subject out to a wider audience," the author told Goal.com.

Pete Nordsted's website can be found @ Premier Betting

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