Know Your Rivals: World Cup 2010 - Japan assesses the chances of Takeshi Okada's side, who approach the tournament in wretched form...
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In this edition of Know Your Rivals,'s Takashi Sugiyama assesses Japan's chances of progression at the World Cup in South Africa.

Japan have showed their strength as a team. They are a well organised side and can be expert at frustrating stronger opposition.

The team still has problems scoring. Much of their goal threat is limited to set plays as they struggle to create chances from open play. In particular, the side finds it difficult to play offensively during the second-half of games.

Japan have recently switched to playing with a 4-1-4-1 system. The central defenders, Yuji Nakazawa and Marcus Tulio Tanaka, and the anchor Yuki Abe play very carefully and do not allow opponents to play freely.

They have shown a strong aversion to playing well during the second-half of games. Also, Shunsuke Nakamura, the country's talisman in the past, is not good shape. He looks unlikely to play as a starter.

While they will rarely be beaten by many goals, Japan have found it very hard to score enough goals to win games. Cameroon have not looked impressive in the warm-up to the tournament, but it really depends whether Japan have the resolve to go to the next step.

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