Top 10 National Anthems In The World

An international football match or competition is not the same without the traditional anthems before each game. Every Tuesday, provides a new Top 10 - this week it is the Top 10 national anthems...
Some people love them, others argue that they should no longer have a place in sport. Whichever viewpoint you follow, you cannot argue that an international football match or a World Cup would not be the same without a national anthem being played before each game.

Yesterday, three of the most popular anthems in the world, from Brazil, Italy and the USA, were sung prior to the two Confederations Cup clashes in South Africa. International's writers got together to select a Top 10 national anthems from around the world:

10) Turkey

9) East Germany

8) Mexico

7) Spain

6) USA

5) France

4) Brazil

3) Italy

2) Germany

1) Russia

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Carlo Garganese,