Franz Beckenbauer Blasts Spain And Netherlands For Football "Anti-Advertisement"

The Kaiser offered his thoughts on the final...
Germany legend Franz Beckenbauer has slammed the Netherlands and Spain for their performance in Sunday's World Cup final.

In an article in German publication Bild, the retired sweeper wrote that the final should have been the greatest match of the World Cup "but this final unfortunately was rather an anti-advertisement for football".

The match, won by Spain, included 14 yellow cards and one sending off, and has drawn widespread criticism for both its physical nature and the referee's handling thereof.

Beckenbauer reasoned that the match was "lacking flow, [with] constant protests from the players and a referee who didn't have too much of an overview".

The third place play-off, by contrast, he deemed to be quite different, offering "likeable behaviour and attractive play". In that match, Beckenbauer's native Germany beat Uruguay by a 3-2 margin.

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