World Cup 2010 EXCLUSIVE: Germany Can Play Like Spain - Bayer Leverkusen Coach Jupp Heynckes

German coach praises Die Mannschaft's style...
Bayer Leverkusen coach Jupp Heynckes believes that Germany will be able to play like Spain and even beat La Furia Roja in the future.

Die Mannschaft have received much praise from fans and pundits alike for their attacking-minded football style at the World Cup in South Africa.

Germany's hopes of picking up a fourth World Cup trophy were put to bed after a semi-final defeat to Spain in a match where they could not do much to impose their will on the game.

Heynckes, who has coached in Spain in the past, is confident that Germany are on the right track and will become even better in the future.

"Germany have also been playing very good football and will be capable of playing a more eye-catching football in the future. We will be able to beat the Spaniards in the future," he told Deutsch.

"The young players are developing and we can play tactically as well as Spain.

"Perhaps not this season, since there are not players like Xavi [Andres] Iniesta, [Cesc] Fabregas, [David] Silva or [Sergio] Busquets. All of these are world class.

"But I am sure that our game will end up being attractive and creative."

Quizzed on what went wrong in Germany's defeat to Spain,
Heynckes said: "The team were paralysed and did not know what to do. Their opponents looked nothing like the ones before and that took its toll.

"Spain are a great team. It is not good to leave the World Cup like this, as Germany had played a great World Cup, but this is football."

La Furia Roja and the Netherlands will play for the ultimate World Cup glory tomorrow, and Heynckes believes the match can go either way.

"Spain and Holland are in great shape. Perhaps Spain are better, but I see their chances as fifty-fifty."

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