World Cup 2010: Argentina Coach Diego Maradona Claims 'Horrible' Refereeing Helped Spain Beat Portugal

El Pelusa adds to his list of outrageous remarks...
Argentina coach Diego Maradona has claimed that Spain's victory over Portugal in the round of 16 of the World Cup was down to the "horrible" performance of Argentine referee Hector Baldassi.

Maradona also suggested that Spain's winning goal in that game from David Villa was a clear offside, more blatant than the offside for Carlos Tevez's goal against Mexico.

They claim that Tevez was offside, but the Villa's was the biggest offside in this World Cup. the referee was wrong but the linesman was Andrea Bocelli," Maradona told a press conference.

"Baldassi didn't let Portugal reach Spain's penalty box, every 50-50 decision went in favour of Spain. I'm friends with Baldassi but I felt it was horrible refereeing.

"He didn't give Portugal two or three fouls and all that adds up as Spain get the ball and punishes you."

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