World Cup 2010 Video: Diego Maradona Lines Up The Losers To Be Shot At Again In Argentina Training

Argentina's coach, the undoubted star of the World Cup, continues to entertain.

It seems like an eternity since, just over three weeks ago - before the World Cup had started, Diego Maradona introduced to the world his training technique to build team bonding in the Argentina squad.

Known as "butts up" in some places, it simply involves the losing team crowding inside the goal and the winners being allowed to take pot shots from the edge of the box.

Yesterday, the 1986 World Cup winning captain rolled out the exercise again in full view of the cameras who had come to watch Argentina train ahead of their mouth watering quarter-final clash with Germany on Saturday.

This time it wasn't just the players who were sent into the goalmouth but also the coaching staff and Maradona received a hefty blow to his head which left him dazed for a few seconds. (Individual highlights of Diego Maradona at training on this video.)

El Diego then took out his anger with a few sly punches on a member of the coaching staff. From the main footage it is also possible to see some Argentinian players, including Lionel Messi, practising penalties in an attempt to avoid the fate that befell the Albiceleste when they played Germany at the same stage of the World Cup in 2006.

Highlights of the Argentina's training session yesterday, including the "ready, aim, fire" game at the end: