World Cup 2010: Nigeria Coach Lars Lagerback Disappointed With Early Exit

The boss wanted to progress to the second round...
Nigeria coach Lars Lagerback was extremely disappointed with the Super Eagles' failure to qualify for the second round as he believed his side deserved better.

The Africans could only manage a 2-2 draw with South Korea, which meant that the Taeguk Warriors progressed to the knockout stage of the tournament.

"I'm very disappointed because I was convinced we deserved more in the World Cup," the Swede said post-match to AS. "At all times, we continued to fight, to achieve progression, but unfortunately it was not enough."

Lagerback was sure that the Super Eagles could at least make the round of 16, but was unable to achieve that objective.

"Player for player, we have the team to do it, but because of tactical shortcomings and bad luck, we finally toppled," he added.

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