World Cup 2010: Chelsea Striker Nicolas Anelka: I Accept My Exclusion From France

Goal-scorer denies hefty insults...
Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka says he understands the reason behind his removal from the French national squad.

Anelka has been excluded from France's World Cup squad after he refused to apologise for a bust-up with coach Raymond Domenech at half-time against Mexico on Thursday.

The 31-year-old, who was replaced after the incident, is due to return to his homeland tonight and will take no part in the rest of Les Bleus' campaign.

He has now confessed to having an altercation with Domenech, but declared that he will not explain the reasons for the spat before France are out of the World Cup.

"I have great respect for the France team, I also have great respect for all my teammates, without exception, I insist on that," he told Francesoir.

"France have a big match on Tuesday against South Africa, which could see them progress in this World Cup. That is why I prefer not to talk yet.

"But I want to clarify that the comments that came out in the press are not mine.

"I certainly had a heated discussion with the coach but it was held in the secrecy of the locker room between the coach and myself, before my team-mates and staff.

"It should never have got out of the locker room. I do not know who could benefit from such things being spreads, but it certainly is not the team.

"My goal was never to disrupt the French team, an institution that I respect.

"I accept my exclusion from France and I wish good luck to Les Bleus against South Africa."

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