World Cup 2010: Everything's In Our Hands - Serbia's Nemaja Vidic

The defender was pleased with his side's win against Germany.....
Serbia won their first game of the World Cup as they defeated Germany 1-0 earlier on Friday. It was an encouraging performance from the Eastern Europeans as ahead of the game they were not given much chance by some football observers after their disappointing 1-0 defeat to Ghana.'s Ewan Macdonald was at the game and after the match, he talked to Serbian and Manchester United centre-back Nemanja Vidic in the mixed zone. Vidic was quite pleased with the way things went on Friday afternoon. That was a fantastic performance and a great result for Serbia. How do you feel?

Vidic: I feel proud. Obviously after the first game we were disappointed. We didn't play well. We had a great result against Germany, so now everything's in our hands. Heading into the next game it could come down to goal difference as to who wins the group. Will you be looking to have more attacking threat, as today was 'only' 1-0?

Vidic: I think we just need to look to go and win the game and to have a good result. Let's see what happens in the game tonight. But after that (against Germany) we have a very positive thinking. After the World Cup comes the club game. Have you thought about your future?

Vidic: I'm just thinking about the World Cup, so all questions about anything else, there is no point to them.

The tall defender also offered his thoughts on what made the difference for the White Eagles.

"Today we came aggressively into the game," he reasoned.

"In the first game we played a bit sloppy, very heavily, and because it was the first game maybe we were a little bit scared. This game I think we started aggressively, we played well."

However, Vidic stressed the need for further improvement.

"But I need to say that after the red card we had the same game that we had against France (in qualifying): we got scared, we didn't play football, more focused on defence, and basically struggled," he concluded.

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