World Cup 2010: Argentina Coach Diego Maradona Lashes Out At Michel Platini & Pele

El Pelusa wants the two to stop talking rubbish...
Argentina coach Diego Maradona lashed out at UEFA president Michel Platini and took another side swipe at Pele in his long-running war of words with the Brazilian.

In response to Pele's assertion that Maradona only took the Albiceleste coaching job because he needed the money, Maradona declared that the Brazil legend should "go back to the museum" before taking a stab at UEFA's top brass.

"I'm not surprised [by his comments]. He should return to the museum," Maradona told a press conference, before suggesting that Platini and Pele try the controversial Adidas Jabulani match ball which has not impressed 'El Pelusa'.

"And Platini, I'm not surprised with him either because I've always had a distant relationship with him. Hello, Goodbye! We all know how the French are, and Platini is French and believes he is better than the rest.

"I don't want to go into the ball again because everyone is talking about it. But it is important and it does play a part and I would ask Pele and Platini to go out there and play with the ball and take a closer look at it to see if it's a good one or bad one, and to stop talking about me."

Maradona's attack on Pele and Platini, with English voice over, can be seen here.

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