World Cup 2010: Portugal's Deco Unhappy With Winger Role Against Cote D'Ivoire

The midfielder does not like to play on the wings...
Portugal midfielder Deco has declared that he was not happy to be deployed on the right wing against Cote d'Ivoire.

The Brazilian-born player started off the match against the Elephants in the centre of midfield, where he feels most comfortable, but Seleccao coach Carlos Queiroz opted to place him on the right wing during the second session, only to replace him with Tiago in the 62nd minute.

"The way to approach the match after half-time was not the correct one," Deco told the Portuguese press.

"Why was I replaced? You are going to have to ask that to the coach. I felt fine. First, he asked me to play on the right, which I have never done in my career because I am not a winger, then he substituted me."

"I am not upset because I left, I just understand that this is not the way for us to achieve results."

The Chelsea midfielder also stressed that Queiroz's talk at the break did little to improve Portugal's fortunes.

"Our mistake was trying to win in 45 minutes, which created anxiety and almost made us lose. We did not do things right."

Speaking in English in the mixed zone to, the former Chelsea man was more relaxed and optimistic.

"We wanted to win but it was too open. Now we must win our next game," he said.

"We did have chances, but the game was open for both sides. We need to now focus on our next game."

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