Mexico's Gerardo Torrado: In World Cup, Pressure Is Never Small

Mexico's Gerardo Torrado said the pressure is always on during the World Cup, and facing France on Thursday will be filled with it regardless of the opening match...
Speaking at a press conference Monday, Mexico’s captain Gerardo Torrado said that the 1-1 draw against South Africa did not mean that El Tri was in trouble going into their next game against France on Thursday.  

The Mexican player said that pressure was something that came along with the appearance in a World Cup, but that the team knew how to handle the pressure.  

“We’re in a World Cup, the pressure is never going to be small,” said Torrado to the media. “We need to know how to handle this (pressure). We’re not in a big problem either, obviously it’s a game and a match that everyone wants to play.”  

The player also noted that all of the Mexican team shared duties on the team with all players defending and attacking. Mexico’s only goal in the 2010 World Cup was not scored by a man up front but by Rafael Marquez.   

“It’s group work and it involves the individual qualities and the commitment of all the players,” said Torrado.  

“In this team we all attack and we all defend. It’s everyone’s work that no one scores against us, and that we all score.”

Torrado said that against France it was the players against the players and that world recognized names did not have an effect.”   

“They have their names and we have ours, but in the end those names don’t play. The people play.”  

South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay and France are all on even terms after equalizing in the opening games of group A, making a win in the second game crucial to the hopes of moving on the next phase.  

“Right now we’re like we started; we’re all even with the same points and it is very important to try and find a win to have the confidence to be in the next phase,” said Torrado.

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