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World Cup 2010: Argentina Coach Diego Maradona Blasts Pele For Lack Of Faith In South Africa

Argentina coach Diego Maradona has strongly criticised old foe Pele, accusing him of failing to support the South African World Cup and the country itself.

"When the tragedy happened to the Togolese team before the Africa Cup of Nations, a certain coloured gentleman who played number 10 didn't believe that the World Cup could be played here", Diego fired at the Brazilian legend in a FIFA-organised press conference.

"But today South Africa answers him 'yes it can', the World Cup begins."

The trainer had nothing but praise for his South African hosts, who provided the Argentine team with a luxury training base in the capital Pretoria.

"I'm happy to tell you that our stay here has been marvellous. We feel very comfortable. We chose the right place to train, form a team, rest and eat well. When I came to South Africa this was exactly what I was looking for."

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