World Cup 2010: Italy's Giampaolo Pazzini Latest To Complain About 'Jabulani' Match Ball

Pazzini has questioned the playability of official World Cup ball...
Italy striker Giampaolo Pazzini is the latest in a long line of players to doubt the performance of the 'Jabulani' match ball, labelling it as a disaster.

His comments follow complaints from Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar who said the ball was "like one you buy in the supermarket" on Friday.

Pazzini doesn't like the way the ball changes direction in flight, and he believes it will cause teams a problem during the World Cup.

"It's a disaster," the striker told the press when asked an opinion of the ball.

"The new balls are a disaster. It's not only a problem for goalkeepers, but also for us strikers.

"When a cross comes in, you go to head the ball, but it moves half a meter and you end up just shaving it on contact."

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