World Cup 2010: Fabrizio Miccoli: Italy Call-Up Would Be A Cherry On The Cake

Miccoli has dropped another hint as to his ambitions to squeeze into the giro Azzurro in June...
Palermo striker Fabrizio Miccoli's good season could yet taste all the more sweet as he reaffirms his desire to play for Italy at World Cup 2010.

The Rosanero hitman's resurgence has been linked with new hope of a call-up from Azzurri coach Marcello Lippi. Miccoli admits he will not think twice about accepting the nod from Coverciano should it come.

"Heading back to the national team would be the cherry on the cake for me," Miccoli told the press during a charity event in Messina.

The striker was asked what he made of the transfer climate at the club after president Maurizio Zamparini felt some heat in relation to reports linking Edinson Cavani to Inter. Miccoli was quick to draw the line though as he dribbled the questions.

"I don't know what is happening about Cavani. It's not my business, it's the clubs," he concluded.

Salvatore Landolina,