Egypt Issue FIFA Complaint Against Algeria, Threaten International Withdrawl

The Pharaohs have reacted angrily to events in Sudan...
The aftermath of Egypt's defeat to Algeria in Sudan in Wednesday night's World Cup play-off grows ever more dramatic as the Egyptian FA have reported their opponents to FIFA.

The Pharaohs have even gone to the extent of threatening to withdraw from organised football entirely.

A statement on the Federation's official website read, "Egyptian fans, officials and players put their lives at risk before and after the game, under threat from weapons, knives, swords and flares.
"The Egyptian Federation has stated most seriously in the complaint to FIFA to restore moral discipline to the world of football.
"The Egyptian Federation will stop playing football for two years in protest of what happened during the attack on Egyptian fans, players and officials in Sudan.
"We are ever confident and know that FIFA has always sought to preserve the lives of players and fans, and stand firmly against anyone who tries to distort the ethics and principles of world football.
"A meeting will be held between the Head of the National Council for Sport and the president and vice-president of the Egyptian Federation for the protest-oriented study of FIFA on Saturday."

In a separate statement, the FA announced that it has temporarily withdrawn from the Union of North African Federations organisation.

Steve Michaels,