Egypt Reacts To Algeria Attack Claims

Tension rises...
After video footage showing Algeria's team bus having been attacked in Cairo was released, there has been a mixed reaction from Egypt.

Early in the evening Hayat FM, a leading Egyptian sports news source, insinuated that the allegations against the locals were false.

But later the DPA quotes an unnamed source as saying, "Yes, there was an accident, and there are injured players. The injuries aren't serious, but the media have made it bigger."

Meanwhile Arabic's sources indicate that an Egyptian FA board delegation visited the Algerian team's hotel in order to make amends.

Another source close to Arabic indicate that the Algerians have already made a formal representation to FIFA over the issue, and that the governing body will issue a preliminary finding on Friday morning.

Among fans, tensions have run high. Allegations that Egyptian players were poisoned by their Algerian hosts prior to the last match between the sides still loom large; this, coupled with tonight's violence, seems to indicate that Saturday's match will be a fraught affair, not least in the stands.

Five thousand Algerian fans are said to be en route to Cairo for the match, which will see a packed house comprising mainly home supporters.

Earlier, queues for tickets had to be contained by a large police presence due to the sheer size of the crowds (see below), although the ticketing distribution was said to have passed peacefully.

Ewan Macdonald,