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AFA Website Hacked Into By Angry Argentina Fans - Report

When it seemed that things could not be any worse for the Argentine football federation, they will have to confront yet another problem.

A group of hackers, calling themselves KKR, were able to access the federation's website and place a picture of head coach Diego Maradona wearing a Brazil jersey.  

Underneath the image, they added the text "a picture is worth a thousand words."

This is the third time that this has happened, but the first time that they managed to place a picture on the website. 

This all comes in light of the tremendous amount of criticism that El Diego is enduring after the Albiceleste's consecutive defeats against Brazil and Paraguay in their 2010 World Cup qualifiers. In addition to this, the Argentines also lost to Ecuador in Quito back in June, meaning that they have lost three qualifiers in a row. 

The photo that was placed on the main page of the website was a still of a Guarana Antartica commercial that the 1986 World Cup winner starred in, alongside Ronaldo and Kaka in 2006.

Since the attack, there is no access to the AFA site. So people will only be able to see the federation crest.

Juan Arango,