Argentina Cannot Exclude Lionel Messi - General Manager Carlos Bilardo

The 1986 World Cup winning coach won't dream about excluding Messi...
Carlos Bilardo announced that on Monday there will be a reunion at the AFA headquarters, which will determine the immediate future of the Argentine national team, and whether Diego Maradona stays on as coach or not.

The reunion will take place in Ezeiza, and as well as Bilardo, its participants will be Maradona, his assistants, and the president of AFA, Julio Grondona.

When asked whether there will be changes in Argentina's coaching staff, Bilardo said: "This has to end, only if Jesus Christ comes with something will we accept it."

"Maradona already said it, nobody will leave. When things don't go well, the same thing always happens."

He also commented about the decision of Maradona to exclude several of Argentina's underperforming European-based players for their final two World Cup qualifiers against Peru and Uruguay. Maradona recently criticised Lionel Messi, Javier Mascherano and Sergio Aguero.

He continued, "You can't get rid off him [Messi] because he played badly. Argentina have players who are considered in the elite of the entire world, God damn it."

Finally, Bilardo admitted that Argentina are in a very "complicated" situation, but that he is confident that they will still qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

"I have faith, I always have had faith in life. While you are still alive, you have to think this way."

Gregory Sica,