Argentina Will Qualify For World Cup - Uruguay Legend Enzo Francescoli

The former River Plate captain believes Los Albicelestes will be in South Africa...
Enzo Francescoli, one of the most important players in Uruguayan football history, affirmed that "Argentina will qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa."

"Argentina didn't play well, they lost two important matches (against Brazil in Rosario and against Paraguay in Asuncion). Football has these things, it doesn't have logic. But I think they will qualify," said Francescoli.

Francescoli, who starred for River Plate and the Uruguayan national team, understands that World Cup qualification won't be easy for Los Albicelestes, because they lack confidence.

"These are very tough moments for any group and at times it is hard to recover. Football is about technique and tactics, but the most important thing is the confidence of the group. Right now the guys from the Argentina squad must have their morale to the ground."

Finally, the 1995 Copa America winner with Uruguay, stated that Argentina will recover from this difficult moment with time.

"Brazil were in trouble as well, but they had time to recover, with more margin for error, but now they are at a great level and the same will happen to Argentina," concluded Francescoli.

Gregory Sica,