World Cup Art Exhibition Planned In South Africa

An International Collection of Fine Art by the world’s leading contemporary artists – five from each of the 32 World Cup qualifying nations – is to be exhibited in South Africa later this year.
Announcing this at the launch of the company staging the event, 2010 Fine Art, it was disclosed that the artists involved would be producing original works inspired by Africa, the World Cup, and their own national pride.

“It was Waldyr Pereira, the Brazilian midfielder better known as Didi, who first coined the term ‘Football – the Beautiful Game’. The launch of 2010 Fine Art breathes new life into that description,” said Rob Spaull, General Manager of 2010 Fine Art, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

“In its 80-year history the Fifa World Cup has evolved into so much more than simply the most-watched sporting event on Earth. It has become a global symbol of excellence, bridging divides and uniting people around the world in a shared passion for the event.

“In 2010 it becomes even greater – with the first African Fifa World Cup. To celebrate the world returning to Africa we are launching 2010 Fine Art – one of the largest and most ambitious international art collaborations in history.”

2010 Fine Art is a South African company that has acquired from the Global Brands Group, FIFA’s Master Licensee, a global license to produce and distribute fine art related to the 2010 World Cup.

"Fine art on this scale has never before been licensed for a Fifa World Cup,” said Craig Mark, Managing Director of 2010 Fine Art.

"As South Africans we are extremely proud that 2010, our Fifa World Cup, will break this new ground. 2010 Fine Art will uplift, inspire and unite, creating new platforms to bring the world to Africa and take Africa to the world through art.

"We are assembling both a 2010 International Fine Art Collection and a 2010 African Fine Art Collection. The International Collection will see 160 of the world’s leading contemporary artists – five from each of the 32 qualifying nations – producing original works inspired by Africa, the Fifa World Cup, and their own national pride."

These works will each be reproduced 210 times (linking back to the year 2010) and issued as a signed, limited edition of high-quality prints.

Mark concluded, "These works will then be exhibited in 32 different cities around the world in early 2010. The scope and scale of the undertaking is, we believe, matched only by its potential to help build the global excitement of the first African Fifa World Cup.”