Man United's Carrick finds out it really IS too cold for ice cream!

The midfielder was forced to sit out his club's New Year's Eve fixture against Middlesbrough, and it looks like he paid the price for enjoying the frozen snack

It might sound odd, but was Manchester United star Michael Carrick actually laid low on Saturday by an unseasonable dessert?

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The England international was forced out of Saturday's encounter against Middlesbrough, with the club stating an unspecified "illness" as the cause for his absence. 

But, just two days earlier, Carrick shared a photo of himself enjoying an ice-cream despite chilly temperatures in the north-west. 

"It's never too cold for ice cream," he told his followers, words he may come to regret now. 

In all fairness the midfielder was well-protected against the cold, with a parka zipped up almost to his forehead - but nevertheless his frosty dessert is currently the prime suspect in the illness mystery.