Pogba: I had no interest in girls - just football

The France international has reaped the benefits of remaining focused on becoming a professional footballer in his youth and says his family have always helped him

Paul Pogba says he was not interested in girls when he was growing up, as his focus was on football.

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The Manchester United midfielder became the most expensive player in football history when he joined from Juventus for £89 million (€105m), despite leaving Old Trafford in 2012 for free to join the Serie A side.

Ever since his emergence at Juve, Pogba has been one of the most promising and highly coveted players in the world, with the Red Devils holding off competition from Real Madrid to sign him, while PSG and Barcelona had previously shown a great deal of interest.

And it appears Pogba's abilities are a result of his determination and avoidance of temptation in his younger years, adding that his family have helped him immensely.

"My family always helped me. I had people around me who always pushed me to be the best, my dad, my mum," Pogba told Sky Sports

"My dad used to play and coach as well. But I wasn't born with shiny things. I grew up in a flat with my brothers and my cousins. My brothers were in the same bed. It wasn't always easy so you want to do something else so your life can change.

"I wasn't really interested in girls. Only football. I was just enjoying football all the time. There was a five-a-side next to the flat and I used to play there all the time.

"It was all about football. I wanted to be a professional. That was my goal. I didn't want to be anything other than a footballer."

The France international also opened up about life outside of football, emphasising the influence music has had on him.

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"I like rap, R&B and African music," he added. "I listen to it in my car and everywhere. Music makes me happy and in life you have to be happy all the time.

"I just try to do something else because every day I am training and you have to think about football so sometimes it's good to cut it out and think about something else. I like basketball. I used to play ping pong as well."