Nasri reveals how he travelled the world to overcome injury nightmare

The Manchester City midfielder made a number of trips and spent time with his family in France as he struggled to keep his morale up during a difficult six-month lay-off
Samir Nasri has revealed the full extent of his injury torment, detailing how he travelled the world to cope with a six-month lay-off that made him re-assess his life in football.

The Manchester City midfielder missed five months of the season thanks to a nasty tendon injury, but put an end to a difficult time in his career by scoring the winning goal against West Brom on Saturday.

Despite his delight at being part of the match day squad once again, however, the Frenchman admits he struggled to keep his morale up as he battled with the idea of spending such a long time on the sidelines.

"I have no words because I came back with a new state of mind," he told reporters. "I started the season pretty well, when I was doing some cameos, but I got an injury in training and they said I would be lucky if I played one game by the end of the season. It has been really frustrating being on the sidelines watching the team, knowing that you cannot help them."

In the end Nasri decided to leave the country in a bid to clear his head and overcome the frustration of not being able to contribute on the pitch.

Although delighted to be have returned ahead of schedule to help City try to secure a top-four Premier League finish, he will not be called up for France's European Championship campaign this summer and is not relishing the thought of more time off.

"No break," he insisted. "I had a break for six months. Trust me I travelled, I did everything because I needed to clear my mind for sure, when you have all of this. When you come to the dressing room and hear all the guys talking about starting in this game and that game and you think, 'When am I going to play? Oh in May'. It's too hard for the head. So I've had enough of a break and am just going to go in hard. I just want to play."

On his travel plans, Nasri expanded: "I went everywhere. I've been in Dubai, America, and when I was close to returning I've been in Italy to do a detox. I've been in France also with the family because I needed people around me who care. Mentally it's been really hard."

He continued: "I've been through a lot in my career already and have now had this experience.

"Sometimes you need to fall down to know how lucky you are with everything, how blessed you are to be playing, for example, for this club and compete in every competition every year, have a great contract and all of those things. You just want to perform and reward all the people for their confidence in you."

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Nasri, however, will not be able to repay that confidence in the Champions League, having lost his place in City's European squad to young striker Kelechi Iheanacho.

Blues boss Manuel Pellegrini elected to remove Nasri after consulting with the club's medical staff, who believed that the Frenchman would only be back in time for the final at the end of May.

City are now confident of a place in the semi-finals after securing a 2-2 draw against Paris Saint-Germain last week, but Nasri does not harbour any frustration that he will not be able to take part.

"It was a really easy decision," he acknowledged. "Even if I was to be back just for the final, it’s not something we had in mind. Why would I keep a spot when someone is available and the fact that Kun was prone to injury and that just left us with Wilfried.

"And when you have been out for six months, you cannot play every three days. It’s just too hard for your body so it was not frustrating. When I had that discussion with the manager, I said, 'Yes, go ahead because I am not going to be ready to play in the Champions League'."